Today, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the troubleshooting steps with you so that you get back to its working again and you can log into SBCGlobal net Email again.

Now, read all the troubleshooting steps carefully and implement on your device as well.

App performance problem :

App too slow, dull and crashes : Before troubleshooting this problem, you must check that you are using the latest version of the Operating system in your android phone because this problem sometimes arises due to the obsolete functionality of OS. Now the steps to troubleshoot this problem are:

  • Clear the temporary data and memory : You need to clear all the temporary data from the app, which includes password, data, and net Email login credentials.
  • Force stopping : Sometimes, force stopping the mail app and restarting it again will give new life to the app and you can then sign in to your SBCGlobal net mail service again.
  • Uninstall and re-install the app again : If you find that the problem still exists with your app, then it means that some files in this app are corrupted and it is better to uninstall it completely and then re-install it from the app store.

However, if you are still facing the same problem, then you must call your device manufacturer and tell them about your device details. They may call you to change the SBCGlobal Email settings from your phone.

sbcglobal email settings

Feature not available in the phone : There are some features in SBC Mail, which are accessed from the computer or laptop only. So, before accessing any feature from a particular device, you must check its compatibility from www SBCGlobal net home page.

Login problems

  1. If you are having a problem with your SBCGlobal net login, then the following troubleshooting steps must be followed.
  • Mobile number : If you have changed your phone number, then it must be updated on your email account because it will be used as a recovery tool for your mail login. To change the number, go to account login page followed by the previous Click on ‘add a new recovery number’. Add a number and click on the ‘send verification link’ button to verify the new number. A short message will receive on the new number. Add the verification key in the space provided. Click to ‘Authenticate’.
  • App password : This password is required to authenticate your login details. If you have downloaded a third party app on your mobile, then app password is mandatory for SBC Yahoo login.
  • Two-step verification : This is two-step verification which means that you will be required to go through two steps before login to SBCGlobal Net Email settings. This includes password and one security question.
  • Account Key : This key is required by the email service provider for authentication. If you are getting the problem with this account key, then you can call at email service provider number. They will guide you properly.
  • The problem with android sign-in : If you are not being able to sign in to your account from android sign-in, then there must be some problem with the account. Deleting and re-adding an account information may resolve this problem.

Connection issue

Check the network connection :  You must check that Wi-Fi network connection is turned on and is working properly. If there is no proper signal strength of your internet server, then this may create a problem.

Check special permissions : In some cases, you need to give special permissions to your email service to access personal data. If you have not turned this function on, then this may create a problem.