Common Issues to Fix In Webmail Services That Include SBCGlobal Email

There are certain issues in webmail that are common, no matter which email service you are using. If you are using SBCGlobal email login for your daily mails, then you will find these issues in this platform as well. So, let us check out which these issues are and how they affect your email accessing platforms.

  1. Not able to send and receive emails properly

It is important for you to check whether the email client you are using is creating problems for you or something else. If you are using the client given by website manager, then you have to use the email clients that you have installed. You need to check whether it is important to send and receive properly via webmail. It is your email client where the issue is present, so you need to check it. If you are not able to send and receive emails via webmail, then you will find that the problem is within the server.

Common Issues to Fix In Webmail Services
Common Issues to Fix In Webmail Services
  1. Unable to send mails through email client. Though, mails can be received, but unable to send them

There is a special port that is used to control the spam emails. This port is ‘Port 25’, and if you find that your ISP is blocking this particular port, then the problem of sending emails can occur. If you are managing the site yourself, then you have to ensure that you have a dedicated IP address, which you can use to access an alternate port. The alternate port has the number ‘2525’.

  1. Problems related to ‘accurate authentication required’ while sending emails

When you are checking your email client, then you have to check whether you have set authentication setting for outgoing server to ‘password’ or not. If you happens to use www SBCGlobal net mail client, then you can find this authentication settings under the outgoing server. But, keep one thing in mind that the authentication type should be set to ‘password’ or else you will always see authentication error.

  1. Issues related to POP lock

You know that the webmail service is set to POP3 mail server, as this setting ensures that the managing of emails are done easily. If you want your data safe from getting corrupted, then you have to check for the lock on the email file at the time of checking emails. If you are using your email on different devices at the same time, then you will find your email to boot due to the lock. So, wait for a while before you could again check your email. The POP related errors can be fixed by going to SBCGlobal email settings.

  1. Difference between POP and IMAP

In POP service, all the emails are stored in one huge file on the webmail server, but in IMAP, each mail is stored in a dedicated folder in the form of a directory. When it comes to easy access, then IMAP is ahead of POP. Also, POP creates problems while accessing huge mailboxes, but you will not find such problems in IMAP. It is possible for you to have a mailbox as big as 100MB when using IMAP.

So, you need to fix these issues in order to properly access SBCGlobal net email login. If there is any problem, then you can get in touch with webmail help and support providers for better information.