There are many people who are using MS Outlook to check all their emails that they receive from Gmail or Yahoo mail or any other platform. Though, the majority of people are happy with the synchronization of Gmail with MS Outlook, but there are still thousands of people who have issues while accessing MS Outlook. Either the mails are not being sent or received in the right manner, or the Outlook is running way too slowly. Some people have also experienced the issue of emails and folders getting missing. This is not right because people use their emails for important task and when things like these happen, then there is a huge question mark on the reliability of the email service. Where Outlook has a limited amount of services and functionalities, Gmail tends to have a limitless service.

Five Issues That Gmail Has With MS Outlook

Gmail was not made keeping in mind that it will be used for Outlook. Gmail is a complete email platform with nothing more to add, so this is what might be creating issues. People who are still using IMAP settings are the ones who suffer from technical glitches. Here are five issues Gmail has with MS Outlook.

  1. Overloading of emails

There is a limit defined as to how many emails can one have in his/her Gmail account, which sometimes works, but sometimes, it doesn’t. The problem is large and corrupted of the Gmail local copy, which is present in the MS Outlook profile. This signifies that the MS Outlook profile is not matching with the one given by Gmail on the server.

  1. Constantly synchronizing of IMAP

With the overloading of email, the folders in the MS Outlook will stop synchronizing. But, if there are more emails with heavy attachments, then it is going to take a lot of time. This in turn can create a lot of problems for MS Outlook users.

  1. Hidden filters

For Gmail users who are using the free version of Gmail app, they are never going to see any problems with the size of the email, as the app will pretend as if there is no problem. But, this is not the case with MS Outlook, as the folders can be downloaded in the sub-folders of the Gmail account of the person. It is very hard to figure out where important emails are stored because there is one tab named ‘All mail’, which contains a copy of the emails that you have sent and received.

  1. Sudden stop of email sending and receiving process

If you have exceeded the email limits, then you will find that your MS Outlook Gmail has stopped sending and receiving emails. If you want to restart this process, then you will have to move a huge number of emails. A tip that I would like to give to you is; start moving the sent emails first because they are the easiest to move. After that, you can move the emails stored in ‘All Mail’ tab followed by ‘Important’ emails.

  1. Abandoning Google Apps Sync Tool

In case, you are using MS Outlook as a platform and Gmail as your server, then you can download Google Apps Sync Tool on the PC and also install it there. With this, you will be able to sync your emails, calendar and contacts with Google Apps. If there are any issues, then it may be due to the settings that you have done.

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