We will touch the most common glitches today in this post. Read the contents carefully and understand the cause of the problem.

Why can’t you send attachments?

The first and the foremost thing you need to understand about Att.net Email login is that the message you send to your friend or colleague doesn’t go directly but it first go to the email client server, then it will forward the same to the recipient’s address. So, here the role of email server is important and without this, you can’t send even a single message. The number of servers between you and your friend’s mail can be one or more than one. It depends on the email clients.

Attachment is also dependent on the email client server policies and guidelines. If you are using an SBC Mail, then you can check the policies from www SBCGlobal net home page. If the email server of sender party and the receiver one are different, then you need to abide by the policies mentioned for attachment of both the servers.

Take for example – we have received a feedback from one of our customer regarding the attachment rejected by the business server. He said that his business server has rejected the Microsoft attachment due to its policy issue. This sounds quite unusual but it’s common.

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Security limits

Many email service providers like Gmail, SBCGlobal Net mail won’t allow you to upload a .exe file in attachment. These types of attachments are directly rejected by the servers and won’t receive at the receiver end. Although you can change the file extension to the new one but this will not solve the purpose. Gmail will directly reject this type of ‘file type’. Another point to be discussed here is that server also checks for the viruses and spams if available in attached file. Any virus if detected by the server will not be attached or rejected by the server only. If you are using an SBC global email service, then make sure that your file is free from virus or uncheck the box which says, ‘check for viruses’.  You will then be able to attach the file to your email message on SBC Yahoo login account.

Size constraint

The improper File size of your email attachment can be another problem for you when you attach some file. We want to mention here that if you want to send dozens of pictures to your family or to the friend, then these will not get sent in a one go. You need to send it via 2-3 messages. Yes, if you are sending a .rar file, then it is possible because it will compress the file size of every image. The best solution for this problem is breaking up the single message into multiple ones. There is no need to change the SBCGlobal email settings for this problem.

For your Kind information, we want to mention here that you can send up to 10 MB files with a single message. If the file size exceeds this limit, then break it up into two. If you are sending a file having file size 8 MB, then also you won’t be able to send it because the conversion of the file to text code requires additional 3 MB which enhances its size to 11 MB, so it will get rejected by the server again.

To check the permissible file size, you can go to SBCGlobal net email settings from your account login page. You will find complete details for your SBCGlobal net login here.

Internet problem

In addition to the above-discussed parameters, Network issue and firewall can also block larger attachments.