Is there any problem with server?

  1. To troubleshoot the server bypass your network and local email client.
  2. Visit the mail link and enter the domain name of your email address in URL.
  3. If you are not able to login to the webmail, then check for the password. If you forgot it then click on ‘reset password’.
  4. If you able to login then send a text message to yourself or to any other email address.
  5. If you receive an error message at once then there is issue with server otherwise if you receive it then your server is ok. Move to next step for troubleshooting the other possible problem.

Is there any problem with network?

There are number of connections that established between the computer and server. The network first go to the local internet service provider then to the next service provider. The connection goes so on. There are points where the problem may exists in your network. Go through the following points to troubleshoot your network.

  1. Run a telnet test. You can run it by entering a command cmd in the command window. Click on the below mentioned steps then for testing.
  2. Write www Sbcglobal and type 25 in the port number. The 25 number port is for outgoing SMTP port.
  3. This port is otherwise blocked by the net provider for security against the spam.
  4. Other port numbers are: 587, 465, 110 for incoming POP port and 995 for SSL POP port, 143 and 993.
  5. Check the results then. If it displays ‘220’ on the screen then network is ok. If the timeout or ‘unable to connect’ message appear on the screen then it means that there is some problem with your network.
  6. If you have found that there is problem with network then contact your local network administrator for further help or in order to revive to the SBCglobal email login page. If the problem is with the route then the internet service provided will change the route of traffic for your domain.

Port 25

This port is normally blocked by the internet service providers to protect against the spam. To come out of this problem there are two ways that you can follow.

  1. Use of port number 587 instead. Make sure that webmail server supports this number.
  2. If you use your ISP outgoing SMTP server than you must get username, password and server name from the internet server provider.

Is problem related to the local email client?

After performing tests on former sections if you find that the problem is not due to those sections then you must check your email client. The instructions for checking your local email client right from the least to setup are discussed below.

  1. The best method to check the local client is by checking all the settings including SBCGlobal net email settings. If all are correct then re-enter them again because sometimes even this can jag your issue. You can take support from third party applications for correct settings.
  2. If the problem still continues then recreate the mail account. This will solve your problem by installation of new software.
  3. You can take help from internet also in case of particular error message. Email program help within the email is also present.

In severe cases, you can take help from support team of SBCglobal webmail. Check for the reliable solution on the website.

  • Re-install the client. This will delete your downloaded mails and settings.
  • Email client like thunderbird is free and best for windows and Mac OS.