Want to add SBCGlobal email to your iPhone? Here is the process for doing that. Follow the steps and establish the connection between the two.

SBC Global is a webmail service. If this is what you know about SBC Global, then this is not even 10% of what we are going to discuss today in this blog post. SBC Global webmail service was doing well, but then, it got into an association with AT&T to provide services to more and more people. SBC Global webmail is a highly secured webmail service that allows users to access their emails anywhere. If you want to access your email on a PC other than your home PC, then you can do so with SBC Global webmail.

Now, AT&T has recently contracted with Yahoo in which, the former has allowed the latter one to take over its mail administration. It was a big task for Yahoo because it has to migrate the users who had subscribed to AT&T network on their own network. It took a lot of time, but the company has successfully migrated the users. Now, people who have emails that end with @att.net or @sbcglobal.net or @bellsouth.net has been migrated to AT&T Yahoo webmail system. This is a great news because the old SBCGlobal email login was incapable of providing the desired services to the users. But, with this migration, people can continue to access their emails in a hassle-free manner. The migration was completed three years ago, i.e., in July 2013.

How to set up AT&T email on iPhone?

In the US, the number of Apple iPhone users are greater than ever. So, people want to know how they can setup AT&T email on their iPhones. So, those who want to setup AT&T mail need to provide their email address and password. The rest will be taken care by the iPhone itself.

Step 1

Get into the iPhone settings by tapping on the ‘Settings’ icon. Go to ‘Mail contacts’ and tap on ‘Add account’ to add the AT&T webmail account.

Step 2

Select the ‘Yahoo’ option and then, people will have to type their respective names, email address and password. There is also a section to add a description in which they will have to add ‘AT&T webmail’. After filling all the boxes, people have to tap ‘Save’. Go back to the home screen of the iPhone.

Step 3

The mail icon will not be displayed as it is, so people will have to swipe the home screen left or right to find the mail icon. Once they find the mail icon, then they can tap on it. They will find all the AT&T emails there.

The process is simple, and the result is highly comforting, i.e., all the mails that were stored in the SBCGlobal webmail are not present on the iPhone. There are many benefits of accessing AT&T mails on the iPhone, but if there is any problem in setting up the mail, then it is better to take the help of the professionals. There is no need to experiment, as that can damage many more things in the iPhone.

People can go visit www SBCGlobal net to find the details about the settings that need to be made to get the mails from that platform on the iPhone. The settings of both, SBCGlobal and iPhone will be changed. We have already discussed the changes in the settings that are made in the iPhone, but in order to know about the SBCGlobal email settings, people can go find out the settings details on the official site of the company.

If there is any issue in SBCGlobal net email login, then there are certain changes in the settings, which were not meant to be made, but are made eventually. So, get the original settings back and follow the process that we discussed for iPhone.