Are you using SBCGlobal email for you daily emailing needs? If yes, then have you experienced issues in it lately or not? If not, then consider yourself lucky because people are facing in their SBCGlobal email. Recently, when I was taking a gander online, I came across an issue, i.e., SBCGlobal mail was not able to connect to server. I tried to get into the details of this issue and here is what I found.

The server returned the error, which I have mentioned above. The server address is ‘’ using SSL on port 993. The first thing that people have to do is verify if this  server

 supports SSL or not. Secondly, you are going to check whether the account settings are correct or not. Many people are facing this issue for past many days and despite trying various methods, they were not able to find any solution for this problem. The server used by most people is Yahoo and they have tried all sorts of methods, but haven’t been able to fix the problem.

A Possible solution to this problem :

There are many smart-ass people who came across the similar kind of issues in the past, but they somehow had managed to find a way to fix it. What they did is, they added a new SBCGlobal net email login account, which they setup as iMAP. The reason they did is simply due to the fact that Yahoo was leaving POP platform. By trying this method, they were able to resolve the problem. So, those who haven’t tried this method before can try it now. But, make sure that they delete the old one.

sbcglobal email settings

The problem that most people have faced is regarding the outgoing SBC Yahoo login mail, which gets stuck. They have to check this issue through various online tools such as connection doctor. They also found that both, SMTP.SBCGlobal.Yahoo and are connected to the server, but they still are getting the same message. The message says, “There has been an SSL error and also, a secure connection to the server can’t be created”.

People don’t know that there are different email servers available, which can be used to operate email service. So, people just need to find a list of all those email servers and using the most appropriate one. Or, they can just click ‘try later’ in order to leave the email in the outbox until they can send it. This can be done by going to SBCGlobal email settings.

This solution has bright chances to work and bring your ATT Net email login back to its working state, but just in case, it doesn’t, then you must not lose your heart because there is more than one way of finding a solution for the problem. If you think you can’t find a solution yourself, then a better option would be to contact email help and support providers. They are ones who know each and everything about email services that are currently being used in the world. So, they will be able to assist you regarding the problem that you are facing.