Today, I would like to share an issue that I am facing with SBCGlobal email. This is quite annoying because no matter what troubleshooting steps I try or what methods I adopt to fix the issue, I got no success. I have SBCGlobal or AT&T as my internet service provider. Back in the day, when I wanted to send an email from my email client, I used to change my SMTP server so that it can match the supported server of SBCGlobal email login. This whole process is annoying, but things have gotten worse in the recent times. SBCGlobal nowadays wants to have sender email registration in order to send mail from the SMTP server, which is already locked down. Now, the problem is that, I’m trying to send an email after switching my SMTP server, but is giving an error. It says that ‘unable to accept sender email addresses’.

In order to fix this issue, I logged into my SBCGlobal net email login account and add my sender email addresses followed by verifying the same. It’s weird but this is the only option by which I can send emails via SMTP from my other location.

The problem is temporarily resolved, as I don’t have anybody else using www SBCGlobal net, but is this the solution that I was looking for in the first place? I guess not because if there are visitors at my location and they all use SMTP to send emails from their notebooks, then the problem is going to come again. It is very hard to deal with it then. But, here is how you can allow those visitors to send email via SMTP.

  1. You have to provide them with your SBCGlobal email settings info for authentication.
  2. They will add sender email addresses and will also verify the same to your SBCGlobal email account.

This is how you can allow your guests to use their email accounts. I don’t know whether I should stay with SBCGlobal or just move onto some other DSL service. It is really hard to stay with such a company that has so complex mechanism to use emails. It doesn’t matter if I use port 2525 for SMTP server or any other port, I won’t be able to access my email account. This is what forcing me to take a harsh decision of switching my DSL account.

This is not one of those problems, which has become prevalent, but it is restricted to a few users. But, those who are facing it are in utter frustration because they don’t have a way out. They can’t get rid of this problem despite trying different things. I would really like a concrete solution for this issue, so that accessing emails don’t become a complicated task.