Newsletters are special notifications delivered by all the companies that are based online. Newsletters have information pertaining to the company, which according to them is interesting and useful for the subscribers. Newsletters are sent to email accounts of all the subscribed users, which have all sorts of news items for them. Basically, it is the company’s initiative to update all its subscribers regarding the latest happenings in the company. But, there has been an issue in receiving newsletters, especially in SBCGlobal mail account.

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Though, this kind of issue has never occurred in SBCGlobal or any other mail service, but one can just write off the chances of an email service getting malfunctioned. Let us find out why Newsletters are not being able to get delivered and how this issue can be rectified. Even if you receive the newsletters, you may experience problems finding those newsletters. Let me give you an example; you may find issues with the links that are present in the newsletters, or you may find that the content in the newsletter is duplicate.

So, these issues are very annoying, especially for those who love reading newsletters of the company they have subscribed to. It doesn’t matter if you receive newsletters at SBCGlobal email login account or Yahoo mail account, the problem will surface on both. Therefore, it becomes important for you to find an appropriate solution for this issue, so that it doesn’t appear again.

Many people are desiring if SBCGlobal can insert a new feature to rectify this particular issue, but it doesn’t feel like as if there would be anything new coming in the near future. But, thankfully, I have been able to find out the solution for this newsletter problem, and the steps pertinent to the solution are as below:

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is sign in to your www SBCGlobal net Once you do that, you will have to go to your inbox.
  2. You’ll see ‘options’ link at the top right corner of the screen, which you will have to click.
  3. Under the ‘Options’ link, you will see ‘Management’ column, where you will have to click ‘general preferences’.
  4. Then, go to ‘Messages’ section and try to find out ‘SBCGlobal shortcuts’ option.
  5. Once you find that option, you will have to click on the button written as ‘do not show me SBCGlobal shortcuts’.
  6. Finally, click on ‘save’ button at the bottom left corner of the screen. All these things will be done by going into SBCGlobal net email settings.

With this, the process will be completed and now, you will be able to receive and locate all the newsletters, which appear on your email account. If you come across any problem, then you must take the help of SBCGlobal email experts. They are the ones who will help you in the best way. They will also sort out any other issue, which is present in your email account, so calling them would be a wise decision.