When it comes to the most efficient and reliable webmail service providers, you will find the name of SBCGlobal among the top contenders. Though, there is no permanent seat for any company, but people make an impression about a certain company after using it. SBCGlobal was doing well 10 years ago, but then, it acquired AT&T, after which, a discussion held as to whether the name of AT7T should be changed to SBCGlobal or vice-versa. The top committee thought diligently and came up with a very good decision to use the name of AT&T to market itself. Well, SBCGlobal then became SBCGlobal AT&T mail. After a few years, SBCGlobal AT&T mail joined hands with Yahoo because the servers that SBCGlobal was using were old and incompetent. With Yahoo coming into the picture, things have further ameliorated for the company, resulting in the expansion of the brand as well as the customer base.

Resetting the Password of SBCGlobal Email Login
Resetting the Password of SBCGlobal Email Login

Everything in SBCGlobal mail is good, whether it’s service or support. But, it is still an online service, which can malfunction at times. There are several issues, which people have come across in SBCGlobal platform over the years, but solutions of those were very easy to detect and implement. But, today we are going to discuss an issue that is very frustrating and doesn’t go that easily as well. Many people have tried finding its solution on www SBCGlobal net, but they eventually failed to do so.

Here is that issue:

It has been observed that many people are being directed to Yahoo login page or see their Yahoo email account on the screen after they try to reset the password of their SBCGlobal email login. Not just that, they also see a message that says ‘Your SBCGlobal email account password has been linked’. But, this is also a false message because when they try to retrieve their emails from SBCGlobal email account, then they just can’t do so.

There hasn’t been any solution given for this problem on SBCGlobal website, and people who have tried to find a solution from the reliable sources, then they have been told that, ‘SBCGlobal and Yahoo have been into contractual agreements’ and the solution to the problem can only be given by AT&T customer support. This is due to the fact that the problem has arrived from the AT&T side, so they are the ones who will provide the right solution. It is also important for people to tell the customer support providers that their SBCGlobal email account and Yahoo account has been merged.

The possibility of this issue arising is not that common, but if someone experiences it, then he/she should know where to go and get help from. There is another issue that people are facing and that is related to finding the official login page of SBCGlobal email account. Well, the official link where people can sign into their account is http://loginprodx.att.net. Just enter your username and password, and you are set to access your account. So, we have address the main issue and alongside it, a small one as well. If you are still not satisfied with the current SBCGlobal account, then you can change SBCGlobal email settings. This will help you access the account in a better way.