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There are many things in email services that a common man like you and me are not aware of. It is also true that most of the features are not necessary for us to know, but there are some, which if we know and understand are going to help us in the long run. Today, we are going to learn one such feature that is present in email service. Do you know about ignore thread feature? If not, then pay a close attention to this blog post, as today, we are going to discuss this topic only. Ignore thread is a very effective feature for mailing lists. When you activate this feature, you can skip reading unnecessary conversation in which you are not interested in. But, all your other conversations will be present in the mail and you can easily read them as well.

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The process to ignore thread

If you are looking to ignore a thread, then you have to select that particular message followed by selecting ‘ignore thread’. You can also press ‘K’ button on your keyboard, as it is the shortcut for enabling ignoring thread. When you select the option, all the messages get selected, but you can un-select the messages, which you wish to keep. The ignored messages won’t get deleted, but after you return to the folder, the messages won’t be shown in the thread pane. This is something that is done by default, so if you want to see messages, then you will have to change the option in the settings. If you get more replies to the conversation that you have chosen, then those replies will not trigger notification. You will not be able to see any notification for those messages that belong in the conversation that you have blocked.

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The process to ignore sub-thread

There isn’t much difference between ignoring thread and sub-thread. If you choose to ignore sub-thread, then only those messages will be ignored that are the responses to the sub-thread beginning from the selected message. With this, you can ignore the conversations including interesting conversations, which get off-topic from a particular response.

Is there any way to see ignored threads?

Well, if you want, then you can see ignored threads, but this will be for a temporary period of time. You can go to ‘view’ followed by ‘threads’, then ‘ignored threads’. When you have checked the threads, and after that, if you want to stop seeing those threads, you just have to uncheck ‘view’ followed by ‘threads’ and then finally, ‘ignored threads’.

There has also been a provision to un-ignore one thread, which you have marked ignored. You just have to select the message in a thread and then, uncheck the message followed by ignore thread. With this, you will be able to un-ignore a single message in the thread.

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