The problem of mail hacking became prevalent a couple of years ago. The problem cam arise again, so you must be ready to protect your email account. Create a strong SBCGlobal email login password to avoid any issues later on.

Hacking of email accounts is a common practice by the hackers. A couple of years ago, Yahoo email accounts were hacked, and when people came to know about this thing, it was too late. The hacking didn’t took place of the accounts that ended up with @yahoo email address, but also those who ended with SBCGlobal or ATT address. These two are the services that are used as the Yahoo interface.

During the hack, people would have received emails from someone anonymous with a cryptic subject. When people opened those emails, there is a link, which is the root cause for the problem. As the link is opened, people fall into the trap of the hackers. In the email, there were other recipients as well, which are known to the people. This made them open the mail and also click on the link.

How to determine if you are hacked?

When other people report the same to you, then you should understand that your account have also been hacked. The hackers usually make it through your spam filters because they know how to breach into those. Hackers have all the tools, which they apply at the right time to read the emails of others. If you don’t know about an email or the link that is attached in it, then you should not open it.

The hackers will get into your account and take all its access, and then, they will start spamming your friends. They are so fast that they will do their work before you could change your password. They go from one account to another, and they don’t stop for nothing. People will find out about their hacked emails after days or weeks. By that time, everything has gone out of their control. All the important emails will be gone and you will have nothing to do, but to feel regretted.

There is no easy way to know if the account was hacked or accessed by an undesired person. SBCGlobal webmail is a highly secured service, and it is not easy to sneak into the SBCGlobal email account. Hackers have all the power to change their IP addresses and port them to different countries in order to hide their identities.

Why did this happen?

Your SBCGlobal mail account was easy to guess that’s why your email was hacked. It must be the combinations you had used, which were easy to guess by the hackers. This is the reason why the webmasters say that use special characters, numeric and the mixture of capital and small letters

Some hackers create a similar kind of landing page like the one you open in order to access your email account. So, when you enter your email address and password, they are watching it on their computers, and you don’t know that. So, as you use your email and sign out, they take on the charge and access your email account and emails.

To solve this issue, you can change your SBCGlobal net email settings to make your email more secure. If you are unable to find out the security settings, then you can take the help of the webmail service providers.

What you can do is, you can go to www SBCGlobal net and ask the experts about the security of your webmail. The problem of hacking is temporary and it can be resolved if you take proper measures. So, create a strong password and don’t open any unknown links as those could give hackers the access to your emails. The security of your email account is in your hands, so you have to be very responsible while accessing your emails.