With the increase in the number of webmail platforms, there is a growing need to have a security mechanism that can be used by all the webmail service providers to protect the email accounts of their users from all sorts of online threats. There are so many different types of threats roaming all over the web, which can easily jeopardize the important and classified data of the people. There has been a significance increase in the cybercrime cases over the past few years, and this increase will not stop until strong and effective measures are taken by the concerned authorities all over the world. If you want to ask what can be hacked most easily on the web, then almost all the people would say that it is the email accounts, which are quite easy to hack. Therefore it is important for all the people to protect their email accounts.

SBCGlobal webmail can be considered one of the safest webmail platforms in the world today. There are many features incorporated into this platform that makes it so safe for day-to-day use. Those who are using SBCGlobal net mail login know that their email accounts are very hard to hack because of the safety aspects, which are present in the platform. If you are using SBCGlobal mail account and are not sure whether your account will stay protected or will suffer in the hands of hackers.

SBCGlobal has a number of security options just like all other webmail platforms. So, if you want to further enhance the security of your SBCGlobal email, then you can enable that feature, which will allow SBCGlobal platform to send a message to you when someone tries to infiltrate into your account. Moreover, you can add a recovery email account upon which you will receive an email when someone tries to get into your account. This is a great feature, which can be activated quite easily. For more information, you can go to www SBCGlobal net and find all the details pertinent to this feature. In the mail you receive, you will be provided with some details about the person who has tried to open your account without your permission.

Moreover, while setting up your account, you have entered the password for this email account. If you have created a very simple password, then you need to change it because if something is easy for you, then it is easy for others as well. You have to create a password that has got a mix of small and capital alphabets, numerals and special characters.

Have you received emails in which they are rewarding you with a ridiculously big amount? If yes, then have you opened those mails? If yes, then stop doing that from now on. Those emails are nothing but spam. Once you open those mails, you take a step forward to becoming a victim of their honey trap. There are certain security features as well, which you have to select in order to beef up the security of your SBCGlobal net email account.

If there is any issue, then you can take the help of SBCGlobal webmail help providers. The most important thing for you is to have a comprehensive security for your email account, and you should do whatever it takes to do so. SBCGlobal has the features that you need to enhance the security, so use those and protect your email account from getting hacked.