People who have SBCGlobal email using Windows Live mail for their email client are finding it very difficult to access their emails. They have tried multiple things, but haven’t been able to bring their email back to working state.

They have got the right settings from AT&T, and they have configured their email correctly in the email client, but they are continuously experiencing authentication error, which says, ‘username/password are not correct’. They can log into Yahoo mail using the same username and password. Moreover, they have configured their email account in Outlook 2010 and Outlook express to be sure that the issue is there on every email client. The problem is not persistent to a particular email client, but each one of them.

Many people are experiencing this issue, and they have not been able to come to a solution for this issue. It is also not sure whether going to www SBCGlobal net will be a nice idea to fix the issue or not. When people tried contacting AT&T for this issue, they instead blamed people for not using the right settings. It has also been seen that AT&T and Microsoft are blaming each other for the issue, and in this blame game, it is the common man who is suffering the most.

Solution for this issue :

sbcglobal email login

Many smartass people have been able to solve this problem with getting their SBCGlobal net email password, which has been getting rejected by MS Outlook.

They have a DSL account with AT&T in which their SBCGlobal email and account are important aspects of the setup. Some people have switched from AT&T DSL to some other DSL thinking that they would still be able to use their SBCGlobal email, which is a free account. In the beginning, there weren’t any problem, but later on, things started to go in the opposite direction.

They started getting messages of varied devices that they have to input their SBCGlobal email password. After that, they started experiencing issues with their MS Outlook, as it was not able to connect to the email server. Though they had no issues logging into their SBCGlobal net mail login and accessing it through Yahoo website.

So, how the issue got resolved is when they started using internet browser to access their SBCGlobal account information. Shockingly, it got directed to their AT&T account, which gave them a clear indication that the profile and account settings for their SBCGlobal email is present within their AT&T. Then, they updated some info on the AT&T for their account.

They again, they tried to use MS Outlook and they were able to log into their SBCGlobal account without having any problem. They didn’t get any password disapproved by the mail server messages. With this, it is confirmed that the problem can be solved by logging into ATT to make sure that the SBCGlobal email account is still active. It is not sure if this needs to be done every time or just once. But, people can try this method and see if it works or not. What worked for a few could work for everyone, right? Give it a try.