America Online (AOL) is a spectacular email service that is used by many Americans. Maybe I should rephrase this previous line. Americans are not the only ones who use AOL, but people from other countries also use AOL mail. A close competition to AOL has been provided by SBCGlobal email, which is also known as AT&T mail these days. Now, as we all know that all email services are similar to one another, so their issues are also common. These days, AOL email users are facing an issue, i.e., unable to connect to email server.

This has become a common error message, but it is very important to find a solution to this issue because if there is an error in connecting to the email server, then you won’t be able to access your emails. People have tried all sorts of methods, from disabling the firewall, changing settings in the email account and of the web browser, but nothing has worked for them. The simple fact is that people are desperate to get a concrete solution for this problem because it is getting frustrated for AOL users.

sbcglobal email settings

So, without any further ado, let us discuss the steps that can resolve the issue.

  1. Reboot your PC.
  2. In the webmail preferences, you must check all the settings. If you are using SBCGlobal, then you must do SBCGlobal net email login For that, you have to follow below-mentioned steps:
  • The first thing that you will have to do is click on ‘Edit’ menu.
  • There will be an option at the bottom of the menu by the name of ‘preferences’, which you will have to select.
  • Then, select ‘send forms’.
  • You must select the email ID, which you are currently using followed by clicking on ‘edit’ option. You can follow the same thing with SBCGlobal by logging onto www SBCGlobal net.
  • There is ‘SSL’ box, which you will have to check or maybe select ‘default’.
  • The next option is ‘server name field’ under which, you will have to make sure that the name matches with the email settings that you have chosen earlier. The same thing can be done with SBCGlobal as well, as all you need to go to SBCGlobal email settings.
  • Now is the time to re-send the mail.
  1. Now, you will have to reset your web browser settings to default, as that can also resolve the issue.
  • For this, open your web browser, go to ‘Tools’.
  • Click ‘internet options’ followed by choosing ‘advanced’ option.
  • Click ‘restore advanced settings’ option followed by clicking ‘OK’. Once you do all this, shut off the web browser.
  • Now, it’s time to re-send the email.

If things don’t return to their normal working state after this, then you must get in touch with email help and support providers. They can help you in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter if you are using AOL mail or SBCGlobal mail, they can help you with the issue. Once the issue is fixed, you will have to do AOL mail login or SBCGlobal email login. There are 99% chances that the issue is resolved.