We use various types of web mail services in routine life. SBCGlobal mail is also one of the popular mail service used by millions of people. As per the company latest report, around 500 million SBCGlobal accounts were hacked by the hackers and they steal the personal information of the user including email, passwords, account information and security questions. Are you also using a SBC Global mail or having account on it then beware of cyber-attacks and follow the instructions discussed below in this blog post.

The very first step to secure your SBCGlobal email login is; change the password of your account immediately. Alongside, also change the current security question and its answer because this security question might get affected with the data breach. The users must keep on changing the login password, once in a week so that it doesn’t get cracked by the hacker.

Yes, if your account gets hacked and you are one of the sufferer then you must change the password with new one. Keep this thing in mind that you should not use the same password for other mail ID’s also otherwise it will put your other mail accounts in danger.

Now we are going to discuss the steps with which you can secure your online accounts. These steps are helpful for you, if you are used to of using different mail service online. Read the steps carefully and apply to your account.

Change the password frequently :

SBCGlobal mail service keeps on reminding the user about change of password if they have not changed since 2014. This is advantageous for user only if he keeps on changing the password frequently because the company will not always notify you about the compromised account. Your data may keep on leaking and you will remain unconscious about it. The company will then take time to confirm any infringement with the mail account.

Don’t use the same password :

when you have created a mail account on more one email service then don’t use the same password for all the account login because hacker can access your other account with the same password if able to crack down the one. Go to www SBCGlobal net link to change the password of your account online. The process of changing the account password is easy and simple. You can easily do it.

Select the better password :

The length and complexity of password must be high so that it cannot be tracked easily by someone. You can select combination of letters, characters and numbers for your password. A phrase type password is also preferred.

Use password manager :

When you keep on changing the password, then it would be difficult for you to remember each password with its security question. The best option is to download the password manager and remember the master password for login to see the other saved password list along with security questions.

Update the security questions :

If you lose an access to your account due to password forget then you can use the security question to access it again and recover your password. You must remember the security answer without which nothing is possible so the security answer must be saved in your personal file for future use. You can change the security question by getting into SBCGlobal email settings from your account settings. Don’t use the same questions and answers for your multiple mail because attackers will otherwise access your other online accounts too for stealing the sensitive information. The questions should not be straight forward or the one which can be easily found out on internet, it should be complicated one.

Two factor authentication :

You can set two factor authentication for your account. In this system, a onetime password will be sent to your mobile phone for confirmation, which you need to enter in your account login details along with your password.