With the arrival of Windows 10, many different companies have started switching their old apps and software programs, so that they can work on Windows 10 platform. Well, there is no harm in doing that because Windows 10 is the future of computing. There are millions of people using Microsoft powered PCs, and they have already upgraded their systems to Windows 10. The new Windows means, new functionality and features. Old software programs are not supported in the new Windows. I mean a few software programs don’t work properly due to their lack of adaptability in Windows 10. It is not just the software programs, but many websites as well. By websites, I mean webmail accounts. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the process of setup SBCGlobal net email login account with MS Outlook 2016 on Windows 10.

So, if you are using MS Outlook on your PC, which has Windows 10 in it, then the following steps will help you move ahead with setting up the email account and also access emails. So, these steps won’t work on Apple devices or Mac computers. Also, the steps will not work on the MS Outlook versions that were launched before 2016. The MS Outlook app will also not have any problem since it is already loaded with Windows 10. If you open your emails at www.Outlook.com, then these steps will also not be applicable on that because the site has not relation with Windows 10.

Many people were able to hook up their Gmail accounts with MS Outlook 2016 especially while using Windows 10, but when they tried to do the same with Yahoo accounts, then they encountered issues. This is a weird thing as both are webmail platforms, but yes, there could be a number of differences in the functionality.

People also want to know whether they can configure www SBCGlobal net with MS Outlook or not. SBCGlobal is a party of Yahoo now, as people who are using the former webmail platform can open their emails on the official Yahoo page. Is it possible to send and receive emails coming from SBCGlobal email login on MS Outlook? Moreover, they want to know whether they can save with the folders that are synced.

There is no certainty about the fact whether the account will actually get synced or it is just be the download/upload. They are confusion among the people whether they should use IMAP, POP, both or neither of them? With a plethora of settings to change, it is definitely a difficult thing to decide as to what needs to be done exactly.

Using an email is one of the simpler things for people having a limited knowledge about the internet, but sometimes using emails can become one hell of a task. SBCGlobal email is arguably the simplest platform, and by changing SBCGlobal email settings, things can become a lot easier. Here are some settings that you can add into your account to make it work with MS Outlook 2016.

Incoming Mail Server (POP3): Plus.POP.Mail.SBCGlobal.com

You have to use SSL Port: 995.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Plus.SMTP.Mail.SBCGlobal.com

In this, you will have to use SSL port: 465 along with authentication.

If you are still not able to access your SBCGlobal email with MS Outlook, then you must take the help of email help and support providers because they are the ones who know all the methods to make your email work on any platform.