Troubleshoot Common Issues While Setting up Email With iPhone

Issue No. 1: Not able to connect using SSL

If you find an error message that you can’t connect using SSL while setting up your webmail on iPhone, then here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Troubleshoot Common Issues While Setting up Email With iPhone?

If you want to connect via SSL, then here is what you are going to do :

  1. You have to tap ‘No’ since you are not interested in setting up the account without making use of SSL. Once you do so, tap ‘Save’.
  2. Now, select the email account that you wish to setup followed by tapping the ‘SMTP’. You can find ‘SMTP’ after scrolling down the list.
  3. Can you see an option named ‘Primary Server’? If yes, then tap it.
  4. You have to turn the SSL settings on, and for that you have to tap ‘OFF’ button. Now, you have to tap on ‘Server Port’ in order to switch the port number to 465. When you do so, tap ‘done’.
  5. You will now have to select ‘ST&T SMTP server’ and after that, you have to tap ‘OFF’ to turn the server on. Tap ‘Done’ once it is done.
  6. Now, you have to tap ‘account info’ and then, ‘advanced’ option.
  7. It is important that you turn of the option that says, “Incoming use of SSL settings’.
  8. Tap the ‘account info’ and after that, tap ‘done’.

Changing port settings on the Apple iPhone

There are a lot of variables present while choosing port settings. There is a lot dependent upon the firewall that is being installed in the phone and the service providers. These two things will decide whether the port settings that you have selected is going to allow to send and receive mails successfully or not.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the port settings on Apple iPhone :

  1. On your iPhone, go to home screen and tap ‘settings’.
  2. You can tap ‘contacts’, ‘calendars’ and ‘emails’ after selecting ‘settings’ option.
  3. You can now easily change the email account by tapping on the same.
  4. Now, you have to tap “SMTP” and after that, you have to select ‘SMTP Server” that you are looking to change.
  5. Tap the right server port field and then, enter SMTP port, which goes like this: 25, 80, 3535. It is also right to select 465, only if the SSL settings are enabled already.

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