While accessing the mail from the Gmail service, you may sometimes face a problem. The reason of this problem varies from problem to problem. In Simple, unable to access the mail means that you might be having bad internet connection or speed. So the issues may be different and the solution to each is also different. We are going to discuss the most common issue today in this blog post. The issue is regarding the accessing mail by someone else from remote location. We will help you in sorting out the problem related to this. This problem is common in almost all the email service because all are accessed through the internet so they corporate the common issue. If you are also facing the same issue then there is nothing to worry about. We will discuss about it in this blog post.

Troubleshoot Issue That Prevent You From Opening Gmail Account If Used By Someone Else

The following point are to be read carefully before implementation. Once you understand it, you can easily go further.

Two cases are possible in this issue.

  1. You still access your Gmail.
  2. You can’t able to access the email.

We will discuss the both step by step. If you are able to access your account then follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the Gmail account.
  • Go to security check up page.
  • This page is found under my account link.
  • Click on the security check up information there.
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number for recovery option.
  • You are required to enter the alternate email address for recovering the password through it.
  • Enter the security question and answer it. Note the answer in the diary for future use. If you forgot the password then this answer will help you in resetting the password.
  • You will able to access the mails after entering the security answer.
  • Click on ‘done’ after this.

For the second issue that is if you are not able to access your email account then go through the below mentioned procedure.

  1. Reset your password by visiting the password assistance page. This password is to be reset so as to prevent the login by third person.
  2. If you have filled your password recovery fields then it’s well and good otherwise you have to fill the Per-forma for the resetting of password. This Per-forma is accessible from the link only. You will find it in the bottom of the same page.
  3. You will get the new password link on your email that you have entered for the email recovery. The email must be different from your current email.

After the successful completion of this process, the following things are highly recommended for you. This will help you in preventing the Gmail account being used by someone else other than you.

  1. Open the forward and filter link from the Gmail setting option.
  2. Before moving further, you must login to your Gmail account.
  3. Check for any additional email address if written in the forwarding mail address. Delete it and add the address of your own choice if you want to forward the mail.
  4. Add more information other than that is entered in the password recovery drop down menu.
  5. Click on the 2 step verification process for your account.