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iOS 10 users can fix two maddening issues of mail

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The mail app did not get the overtake that Messages did with iOS 10, but it still got an update with a few changes that might be stumbling you and your inbox up. If you are less than excited with Mail after making the move to iOS 10, these two fixes might give some help.

Issue 1: Tiny text

When we first update to iOS, Mail app looked like it was showing a desktop version of emails. The vital view of inbox looked usual with the normal font size for names of senders and subject lines. When we opened any email message, however, the text was small we couldn’t read the words. We had to pinch to zoom in order to make it readable, but that meant we had to swipe side to side so we can read the end of each line and then the being of the next.

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Strange, because the front size grew in other parts of iOS 10, counting remade Music and News apps of Apple.

The fix :

If the Mail app shows tiny text for you, the fixation is easy: Facilely restart the Mail app by tapping twice on the Home button and swiping up on the Mail app to quit out of it. When you open the Mail app again, the font size should be much bigger and readable without the need to zoom.

Issue 2: Order of threaded conversations

Apple strangely changed how threaded conversations are prepared in iOS 10. When you have a back-and-forth communication, the Mail app groups the messages under one subject line in your inbox. This is nothing fresh. What is new is the small blue arrow button along the right edge of the subject line of any threaded communication in your inbox- and the order in which messages are showed in a conversation.

You can make a tap on the blue arrow button to watch the subject lines of all the emails in a thread without leaving the vital view of your inbox. It’s suitable way to locate an email in a thread. The messages in this increased view are ordered so that the most present message is at the top.

If you tap to view the most recent message in the thread, however, you are taken instead to the authentic email and then must scroll down previous all ensuing email. If you are keeping up with a thread and just wish to read the most current message, it needs lots of scrolling. Too much scrolling.

The fix :

There is a setting that backs the order of threaded conversation. Navigate to Settings, Mail and make a tap so you can turn on the toggle switch for Most Recent Message on Top. With this setting enabled, you are taken to the most current message in a threaded communication and the can scroll down to read the past messages in the thread.