Email app is one of the commonly used app by iPhone users. Now, we are going to discuss the common problems related with Email on your iPhone.

  1. Email address dropped by the server: When you encountered this problem, then it means that there is problem with the username and password that you have entered. To resolve this problem, Go to settings and enter on the mail account information, then change the settings of your account. Later restart your iPhone.
  2. Unable to receive the mail: Even after entering the accurate username and password, if you are still not able to receive the mail, then it would be better to call at email service provider helpline number. They will let you know the reason behind the problem.
  3. User unable to receive the mail in the inbox while accessing from more than one device: This case is mostly seen when you open your email from more than one device. You will able to read new email from your PC but not from iPhone. This is due to device lock-out from multiple sources.
  4. Email inbox seems blocked: When you open several applications at once, then this problem come into being. To get rid of this problem, hold the home button for 5 seconds until you see the running applications on your screen. Turn off all the applications and restart your device.

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  1. Server doesn’t allow communication: This problem generally happens when user use AOL accounts on their device. Just restart the phone and open settings then mail>contacts>calendars>AOL account. Go to outgoing mail option and enter the credentials of your email in AOL outgoing mail server space.
  2. Mail app keep on sheering: This problem is reported by the iPhone 4 and 5 users when they update their firmware version with iOS 8. This effects the performance of hardware. All the heavy apps like camera and email start opening slowly. According to experts, the quick fix to this problem is upgradation of software version to 8.3. This will solve your email problem successfully. If you are yet facing a problem then reset your phone to default firmware version.
  3. Issues with particular mail app on iPhone: There are some yahoo mail users, who have reported a performance linked issues while using the mail service on their iPhone. This issue was reported due to the problem at company servers only. The company has now fixed all the issues from their side and told to update the application to the latest version.
  4. Not able to delete mail: There are some mails, which are not relevant and informative for you and keep on using the storage space of your mail app. If you are unable to delete these type of mails then the best technique to solve this problem is; flash the email configurations from the app and re-set the account from the starting.

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