Massive outage smacks Microsoft email, Skype & Xbox

Outlook DOWN- now users are struggling with the technical hindrance, they are facing difficulty signing up to some service whereas some have been left unable to access the website at all. Run your vision to following content for full details and information.

The Microsoft’s spokesperson told, “We are aware of reports that some users are having difficulty signing into some services. We are investigating this issue.”  

Outlook is down for users across the world. Not one or two, in fact, there are thousands of users have reported problems accessing the email service with many lefts challenged with an issue or error page. And that specific error page holds these wordings- “Something went wrong 🙁 The server can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later,” the page confronting thousands of email users currently reads.

Something went wrong Error Outlook

Users of Outlook across the United Kingdom, Europe, and United Stated have reported issues accessing the service. The technical messes with Outlook were first reported around 12:00 GMT.

But despite the ever-growing number of reports across social media platform, Microsoft has yet to recognize the problem.

The Redmond-based technology company’s own website linked with service health, which is designed to display the status of its online services, counting those that are recently struggling obstacles, recently no sign of the reported outage.

“Everything is up and running,” it reads.

Xbox Live – another online Microsoft product – is also experiencing a colossal outage.

Xbox Live

The United States technology firm has made the confirmation of the issues with the online gaming service.

Independent website Down Detector, which estimates or calculates social mentions around a certain topic to track outages across the world, displays issues with Outlook across the world.

According to the newest statistics from Down Detector, some 60% of those are undergoing the Outlook outage cannot put their credentials into their email. Some 40 % have been left unable to access the website at all.

Incensed customers have flooded social media to complain about the errors hovering on the Outlook.

“Please fix the server I can’t get anything done”- twitted by a user.

The official Outlook Twitter account has received the message from an Outlook user, “Any ETA on the servers coming back up? 

“I use several accounts for business and will be losing business if I can’t respond.”

“Anyone else having issues with Outlook?” added by another

The official Outlook Twitter account of Microsoft is recently responding to some users complaining about the outage.

“Let us investigate this for you,” one of the responses reads.

“Are you getting any error messages when signing in to your Outlook account?”

The United States has recognised issues with its Xbox Live service, telling users that are ‘working to fix the technical mess as rapidly as possible”.

The outage emerges to affect Microsoft Accounts-the sign-in procedure used to validate users on services such as Office 365, Skype, Windows App Store, OneDrive, and Outlook etc.

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