Today e-mail is the most important part of communication in the world.  We can send different messages including photos, videos, text, links to internet information and many more through e-mail.

There are millions of people who uses this way of communication daily. As a result, there are large number of e-mail service providers are available who provides the best service. It becomes difficult to choose the best e-mail service. While selecting an e-mail provider, everyone wants to select one of the best who provides maximum features. The most important feature that people want, while selecting free webmail service is the amount of storage given. Therefore many webmail providers offer huge amount of storage to their users so that they can easily receive and store their important mails. The best feature provided by webmail service is that user can chat and send instant messages to their friends from their e-mail account.

SBC global webmail is one of the best webmail providers in the world. SBC means Southwester Bell Company which is a part of AT&T.  It provides free e-mail service with latest features to AT&T customers. It is also known as Yahoo or AT&T. When you search for SBC on any search engine, you are automatically directed to Yahoo mail. Southwester Bell Company bought AT&T in 2005 and uses its brand name. They offers Yahoo services including Yahoo messenger, Yahoo chat, Yahoo mail and many more along with AT& T internet services to their customers. SBC is a output from the merger of Yahoo and AT&T and give access to all yahoo services and SBC internet to customers. You can visit www sbcglobal net to get more information about SBC webmail service. SBC Yahoo account is not free but Yahoo accounts are free. You have to become a customer of AT&T service to use SBC Yahoo services.

When customers apply for SBC internet service, they get SBC My Yahoo page. Now it is AT&T Yahoo page. Both are the same, only they have different names. Once you get SBC AT&T account, you can sign up for your new e-mail address. You have a one main e-mail address and you can make multiple e-mail addresses for whole family. SBC customers can use all Yahoo services by getting in to and entering their e-mail address and password.

You can easily access to SBCglobal email account by following simple steps.

  1. Go to any search engine and search for SBC e-mail login.
  2. By clicking on the result, you will automatically directed to AT&T or Yahoo login
  3. The web address on this page should be like partner=sbc, it means you are on sbcglobal net login page.
  4. Enter you e-mail id and password here in the given boxes.
  5. Click sign in, and you can get into sbc

With SBC global internet service, you can check your e-mail, you can get information of your account, billing information, make payments and can download anti-virus services. You can manage you billing account if you use the phone, internet, cable or any other service from SBC or Yahoo. You can manage account via Yahoo portal.  AT&T users can use extension instead of as they both works in the same way. SBC global webmail users are not restricted for access, you can access from anywhere. With internet connection and a web browser you can access you e-mail account. It is great convenience for the persons who travel lots and stay away from home. SBC webmail also provides spam protection, you will custom blacklist and whitelist which means it up to you to accept or reject e-mail. It helps to sort down junk mail.  If you forget your password you can reset your password by visiting sbcglobal net email. You can change your password anytime by following few simple steps.