Today, we are going to guide you in this regard. If you have started getting the problem all of a sudden, then it means that your SBCGlobal net Email account is now compromised or we can say hacked by someone.

Few points to check if your account is actually hacked or not

  1. The very first and the easiest step to check is by getting the report for your account from your friend. If he has been receiving a message from your email address which is not sent by you intentionally, then it means your email account is hacked. In such conditions, the emails will keep on forwarding automatically from the SBCGlobal net mail.
  2. If you find that the password is changed by someone but not by you, then this means that there is someone who has changed the password. The spammer will then may keep on sending the spam messages to your contact list and you will not stop it even by getting into SBCGlobal email settings from your account. If your account is hacked by a wise hacker, then he will keep on sending the notification related to your account but will not change the password of it.
  3. If you find any missing mails in the sent folder of your SBC Global account, then this may be due to the hacking The hacker will keep on deleting the messages from the sent folder. All the messages once deleted can’t be retained through any process. You can take help from www SBCGlobal net in such conditions.
  4. Another method to check whether the account is hacked or not is by opening the account from different locations and links. If the links opened from different locations are showing the same location, then it means the account is not hacked but if you are getting different location or countries with the different links, then it means your account is at risk. You can check it from SBCGlobal Net email settings.

sbcglobal net email login

How to solve the problem and avoid it?

  • To get back to the login experience once the account gets hacked, it has been recommended by the experts that you must change the password of your SBC Yahoo login after regular interval of time. The password should be set in such form which can’t be easily remembered.
  • If you are using a Yahoo account and want to prevent your account from being hacked, then use the sign-in This will verify your identity visually and won’t allow anyone else to peep into your SBC mail. To use this function, you can select the visual ID from the fun images or from the computer drives.
  • To secure the account, you can add the secondary email address to the SBCGlobal Net login You can use any email service provider for this purpose.
  • Another best option to secure the account is by adding the personal mobile number in the email account. You will get a notification and reset link on your phone if your account is being compromised by someone. You can also reset the password through this mobile number.

If you are still having any problem, or the email service is not working properly, then you can take support from our executives. They will guide you in a best possible manner through easy and simple steps.