Many people have already searched for SBCGlobal Email settings over the internet and some of them have got success in finding it. The SBC mail is the best mail domain offered by AT&T or by the name of,, and All these are indirectly related to SBCGlobal net Email.Apart from this, as far as its servers are concerned, all the SBC domains worked on POP3 server and SMTP server along with different port settings. There are different settings for different types of server. Today, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the settings in relation to SBC Mail.

SBCGlobal settings for email server domain :  For this setting, there is no need to go around here and there, simply enter www SBCGlobal net.

SBC Global Port settings POP3 server settings : The address for POP3 server settings is The port number for this type of servers is 995. You need to enter as it is. Don’t try to enter any other port number by yourself. These port numbers are pre-defined.

SBCGlobal SMTP settings and port settings : For this, you have to enter Here the port number is 465. You can’t enter 467 in place of it but you can enter 466. These SBCGlobal Net Email settings are required for SMTP servers.

SBCGlobal POP3 user ID/username : The username or User ID of your SBC Mail is your email address followed by SBCGlobal net login or

Whether SSL is required for Email login or not : There is no requirement of SSL for your SBC Yahoo login. For your kind information, we want to mention here that No SSL is required for all the SBC Global domains but it is required in AT&T domains.

Type of Protocol required for SBC Global : POP3 is required for SBC global protocol.

Where can you utilize these SBCGlobal email settings?

sbc global

These settings are supposed to be useful when you  set up an email program in your any device. If you want to receive or send the message from multiple devices, then these settings are helpful and proven useful for you. If you are verifying your SBCGlobal net Mail, then these settings will be useful for you.

Apart from this, we want to also clarify here that the above-mentioned settings are mainly for email servers only. These will not work on your Microsoft Outlook or any other email client. The procedure or settings for these clients are different.

For further Help and support : In case of further help and assistance related to email server settings, you can either go to support link or call at given support numbers. On the home page, you will find different sections for different types of problems in your SBC Global Mail. If you are not satisfied with the given links, then you can directly call at email helpline numbers provided there. The support executives will guide you in a best possible way and that too without taking any charges.