SBCGlobal Email Settings On Your Android Phone

Today, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide to you related to configuration steps for your Android phone. You don’t need to take any help from www SBCGlobal net link after reading this blog post. Just read the simple steps given in this post. These steps are easy to understand and defined in an easy language. The settings, which we are going to discuss today will work perfectly on all the domains like,,, and so forth. SBCGlobal Net Email is also given in the list of supported domains.

SBCGlobal Email Settings on android

If you are using an Android 4 or jelly bean version, then the below-mentioned steps will definitely work fine on your Android based smartphone. One thing, you must need to have is the; internet connection. A strong internet connection is needed to configure the account on your phone because, during the configuration process, your email server will connect to the SBCGlobal Net Mail servers for account verification.

The steps to configure the email on phone are:

  1. Open the mail app from the list of apps. You will find app option under ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  2. Open the mail app from the settings.
  3. Go to ‘Accounts’ sections and click to ‘add an account’.
  4. Add SBC Mail in the list of service providers and then enter the further information on the next page.
  5. Enter the username and password of your SBC Yahoo login account in the fields given.
  6. If you want to sync the mail on your device, you need to go to SBCGlobal Email settings section and from here click on ‘sync’ a mail option and enable it.
  7. Now, check if the account is configured properly or not. If not, then follow the manual steps to configure your mail. For this, you need to enter the certain information manually.

Steps for manual settings

  • Now, enter net Email login credentials for sign-in.
  • Enter 465 in the port number. If this is not valid on your device, then enter the next consecutive number.
  • Enter the information for SMTP server: Type under the server address field.
  • Click ‘next’
  • Port number for POP3 server: Type 995 in this box.
  • Type of server: Choose POP3.
  • Username: Enter the name of your account or email address of your SBCGlobal net login.
  • Server address for the incoming server:
  • Click on ‘next’ to move further.

Note: If you are using a secure connection, then don’t forget to update it first. Before this, you need to enable the SSL connection from the option by check mark the box, which says, ‘enable SSL encryption’. After enabling this, you can update all the details related to port number and security.

In case, you want to stop receiving the new emails on any other device, then go to SBCGlobal net Email settings from your phone and turn of the sync function on any other device. Changing the IMAP/POP3 server settings can also disable the message being delivered on every device. If you are using the Data pack of your mobile network, then it is recommended to use Wi-Fi network for updating your SBC account, as the downloading speed of Wi-Fi connection is much faster than that of data packets.