Today, keeping the mind the interest of all those sufferers, we have bought troubleshooting tips for them. After implementing the steps, they will be able to login to their SBC Global account again from their computer or from any network connected device.

Before discussing the steps, we are going to discuss some of the cases which SBC users have faced with their account login. One user in his comments has complained that he has tried to login to the SBCGlobal Net mail 6-7 times but he kept on getting the same login error again and again. Heartily, he has complained to the SBC Company as well but no justified reason behind this problem has been reverted by the team members.

Another complainant in his comment wrote that despite the fact that this problem was occurring occasionally during last month but this month he is getting regularly and he is not being able to access the emails from www SBCGlobal Net properly. To fix this issue, I have even canceled the login page and re-enable my account by closing the box appear next to password field but no success has been achieved so far. The problem is still same on my SBCGlobal Net Email.

www sbcglobal net

Reply and feedback from SBC/Yahoo team : The technical executives sharing hands-on with the SBC Global Company have even replied in negative. They are not sure with the issue and keep on replying the same thing that the work is in the process and will soon get rectified. Steve Solomon from the company reports revealed that solution for this problem is being found out and the same is going to be disclosed to the user very soon on SBC Yahoo login.Now, coming to the main point without wasting your crucial time, we are going to discuss the potential solutions with you. Read them carefully.

  1. Change the auto-opening interval : If you are using the auto-sign in method to check the mail after every 5 mins, then this can be a key factor behind this problem. The best way to fix this problem is by changing the auto-checking period. Change it from 5 mins to 20 mins. This will solve the problem. You need to go to SBCGlobal Email settings from your login page and make changes there.
  2. Delete the Keychain items from SBC/Yahoo : This troubleshooting step has been already tested and verified by some users. They have mentioned in their comments that after implementing this step there problem is solved. In this step, you need to erase the Keychain items from the SBC Yahoo link. For this, go to SBCGlobal net login and check for any chain if contains this string. Remove it immediately. First, go to SBCGlobal Net Email settings, then click on utilities followed by the password.
  3. Click to cancel and try again : Another best and tested workaround for this problem is simply clicking on ‘Cancel’ button after getting ‘failure’ message on the screen. Login to the account again after closing and opening the login window again.
  4. Try entering the complete email address : While entering the net Email Login address, you need to enter the complete address along with @ symbol. The incomplete email address may cause this problem. Some of the users have already got success after this step.

One of the technical expert members at SBC Global help desk has disclosed that company is refurbishing the login page and is soon going to launch this new configuration for routine users.