We are going to provide the solution for this problem through this blog post. So pay kind attention to this blog post for next few minutes and troubleshoot the problem by own. There is no need to take help from any website like www sbcglobal net or google.com.

Are you experiencing a sending problem on your device? If yes, then try the two best tips provided below. Or if you are having problem in signing onto your SBCGlobal email login then the solution is different for this problem. Many Mac users have already tried this solution and successfully able to remove this problem from their device.

Check the Mail account settings after updating Mac OS version

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  1. Go to home screen and open the email app from list of menus.
  2. Open the preferences icon from the drop down menu.
  3. Now open that particular mail in which you are getting problem. Suppose Gmail or SBC Global mail.
  4. Click on ‘advanced’ menu.
  5. Go to SBC Global net email settings and click on the check box where it is written ‘automatic detect and configure the mail account settings’.
  6. If it is already checked, then uncheck once and check it again after opening the menu again.
  7. Now try accessing the mail from Email app.
  8. This process can be repeated for more number of accounts on same device.

Though this process of relaunching and restarting is quite annoying but it will definitely solve your problem as there will be no error in entering the app configurations manually. Everything will be done automatically by the email app.

If you have successfully implemented the above mentioned ways and still not been able to launch the app, then there is need to rebuild your mailbox. This will resolve the issue properly. This technique will fix all the email errors that you have encountered after updating your Mac OS version. All the above mentioned troubleshooting points are helpful for SMTP mail accounts.

It is quite important to tell here that, not all Mac users are facing this problem after update but there are few unlucky users who are facing this problem. However, there is no need to worry, just follow the instructions and steps to fix the issues related to your Email app automatically. All the settings as well as port number will automatically get modified after configuring an account from legacy settings.