You must have set up diversion on your phone when you are using two phones. If one phone is not able to take calls, then you can divert the calls on the second phone. The same thing goes with emails. An email alias is that particular email address, which you can forward to different email addresses. To simplify this concept, let me provide you with an example. If you have an email ID, i.e., ‘’, which you have been using for a long time, but now, you want a simpler email ID such as ‘’, and you want your friends, relatives and business associates to send you emails on this email ID. Moreover, you will want all the mails coming at ‘’ to appear on ‘’. This is what is known as email alias, but it is not used by too many people. If you want to know whether you can create email alias or not depends upon your email service provider. If you can create an email alias, then you can forward emails to your new email address from the older one.If you want to know how to configure your email account so that you can get messages from your previous mail to this new mail.

The steps mentioned-below are used for Windows mail, but you can try it on any other email account as well. The steps are usually common for all email platforms, so you will not have problem in making use of email alias.

  1. Start with signing into your Windows mail. You have to use your web browser to open your email account.
  2. Now, you will have to click on ‘options’ and after that, you have to click on ‘more options’.
  3. Click on the option labelled as ‘customizing Windows email’. After that, you have to click ‘rules for sorting new emails’. You can easily sort out the mails according to your own convenience.
  4. There is an option that makes your new emails get automatically transferred to their own folders, so you need to remove this option.

How to point at the right reply-to mail address?

You can use Thunderbird identity function to make the reply email address as your alias email address rather than the main email address. Here are the steps that you can follow to make it happen:

  1. Go to Thunderbird account settings and click on the primary email ID.
  2. After that, click on ‘manage identities’ option which will be followed by clicking on ‘add’ option.
  3. Now, you must add a name that you want to hook up with your alias email ID.
  4. Once you add your name, enter alias email ID in the ‘email ID’ option and ‘reply-to email address’.
  5. You can configure various other options as well such as encryption, messages, reply quote and so on. Click on ‘Ok’ button two times to complete the process.

You will also want to know the process of storing your mails in a different folder of email alias, so here are the steps to make a custom folder and store mails in it.

  1. Go to file and then, the respective folder in which you wish to add mails.
  2. Create the folder and you can name it whatever you want.
  3. Select the mail that is present in mail alias. Then, click ‘message’ option along with ‘create filter’.
  4. Give the filter a name and make sure that it is properly configured at the moment of manually running the option or checking mails. Now, configure the filter to modify ‘To’ option.
  5. Choose a folder where you want to move emails to.

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