It is a common thing these days to see ‘name, phone number, company name, address and an image’ at the bottom of emails. Many people think how the hell are people writing all that information in each and every mail? But, the truth is, they are not writing it on their own, but they have enabled an option in the settings, labelled as ‘signature’ in which they have entered all the information that they want others to see. If you want to know the definition of an email signature, then it is that text, which is appended automatically to the emails. A person can add any info in the signature because this particular setting is customizable. Now, we should discuss the types of signatures that are available. Though, these types may vary depending upon which email provider you are using.

Note: If you use multiple email accounts, then you must configure all the signatures separately for all those accounts.

Plain-text signatures

You can use plain-text signatures, as they are light and serve the desired purpose. But, you will have to configure that before you could actually use the signature. So, enter the information that you wish to display in your email. That information can be seen by the people whom you send emails. One of the highlighting features of plain-text signatures is that they can easily go with the emails that are formatted in both, text and HTML.

HTML signatures

You can also create HTML signatures. You have to check ‘use HTML’ option. Once you tick mark this option, you will have to format the signature text using HTML mark-up of your choice. After creating HTML signatures, if you send an email in the plain-text format rather than HTML, then you will find that the text characters are changed with HTML mark-up.

Uploading Signatures

Whether this option can be accessed totally depends upon the email provider you are using. If there is an option to upload files in which the information related to signature is given, then that’s great. You will see an option labelled ‘attach signature from a file’. By clicking this option, you will be able to attach the file that you think is appropriate for signature. It is your option to either attach the file that contains plain text of HTML formatted text. You must be wondering if this would create any difference, but I don’t think it will because if you send an email with HTML formatted signature and the receiver has disabled that service, then he/she will just see the text and no images. Except this, nothing would change much, so you can opt for HTML signature if you are looking to have a beautiful and attractive signature.

Here are the steps to see the mails in HTML format.

  1. Create the signature and select the right format according to it.
  2. Click on ‘File’, then ‘Save As’ and again, ‘File’. Keep in mind that you should only choose HTML file. Give the file a name and then, click ‘Save’.
  3. Close the message window and do not save the message.
  4. Now, you have to open account, and after that, select the email account form the left panel.
  5. You have to find the option labelled ‘attach signature from a file’ and check it. After hat, click on ‘Choose’ button and uploading the file that has signature related info.

You can add images as well, but make sure that the size of the image is not large, otherwise your mail will become heavy.

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