People who own BlackBerry smartphones don’t have any issues using email services on BlackBerry smartphones, but in the recent times, when they tried adding SBCGlobal Yahoo Mail on BlackBerry smartphones, they encountered an error. Here is the message that they have seen

The email address or password invalid. Verify your email ID and password. If the error persists, then get in touch www SBCGlobal net or Yahoo com. If the same process has been done on BlackBerry 10 smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android, then here is the message that they come across:

Not able to find connection information. Kindly use advanced setup.


The login info for your account has been changed or is not correct. Kindly update login information and try again.


Unable to authenticate your account, kindly update the settings for the account and try again.

Now, let us discuss the causes which has resulted in such errors.

Cause No.1: The information entered to log into the SBCGlobal email account is not correct.

Solution: Log into SBCGlobal email account and verify login information.

Cause No.2: Inactive SBCGlobal Yahoo email account. It occurs when the account hasn’t been accessed for 4-5 months.

Solution: Reactivate your SBCGlobal Yahoo email account.

Cause No.3: A CAPTCHA response is expected from SBCGlobal Yahoo email account.

Solution: Login to SBCGlobal Yahoo account through Webmail in order to clear CAPTCHA challenge.

Cause No.4: Authentication token for SBCGlobal net email account has expired.

Solution: Change SBCGlobal Yahoo email account’s password and wait for a couple of minutes before trying to integrate SBCGlobal net email login account again.

Cause No.5: User’s age is not suitable to use an email account.

Solution: Update your SBCGlobal Yahoo profile, and check if you have entered correct birthdate or not.

Cause No.6: Enabling of 2nd sign-in verification on SBCGlobal Yahoo account.


at&t net email login

  1. Log into your SBCGlobal account.
  2. Select Settings followed by ‘account’ info.
  3. Select ‘app password’ and then, create a new application password.
  4. Select ‘Generate password’ and then, blend your email ID to BlackBerry with app password.

Cause No.7: Authentication needs to be done through a verification code as the email service is going towards a ‘password free’ mode.


  1. Launch BlackBerry browser.
  2. Go to www SBCGlobal net or
  3. Sign into your email account.
  4. Choose code verification method.
  5. After you receive the code, add it in the appropriate box.
  6. Once the process is complete, reintegrate your account on BlackBerry smartphone using the standard procedure for integration.

Cause No.8: Yahoo getting sceptical about app and thus not allowing access to it.


  1. Launch BlackBerry browser.
  2. Go to www SBCGlobal net or
  3. Log into your email account.
  4. Go to ‘account security’ settings’.
  5. Select the option that says ‘allow apps that don’t require a secure sign-in’.
  6. To turn off access of a particular app, deselect that app.