delete sbcglobal mail account

So, you are not happy with SBCGlobal email. Well, every person has his/her own likes and dislikes. If a person doesn’t like SBCGlobal  Net email, then he/she has full right to shut the account and choose some another email service. SBCGlobal email is one of the most popular email services in the world. There are many unique features present in SBCGlobal email, which are nowhere to be found. SBCGlobal email was initially operated by Southwestern Bell Company, but then it acquired AT&T. Though, SBCGlobal didn’t change the name of AT&T, but played a smart move by changing the name of SBCGlobal mail to AT&T mail.

sbcglobal net login

Later on, AT&T mail went into partnership with Yahoo mail, thus resulting in a different name ‘SBCGlobal Yahoo mail’. SBCGlobal net email is now a service that is provided by AT&T. This email service provides an opportunity to the users to communicate with one another. In the recent times, there have been many issues, which occurred in ATT.Net email login, thus forcing people to switch to another email service. But, just switching to another account is not right way. You have to delete the account. Here is the process of deleting SBCGlobal account, so follow the steps in the same order as they are mentioned.

  1. The first step is to log into your www SBCGlobal net email account.
  2. Now, click on ‘username’ that is being displayed on the screen followed by selecting ‘profile’.
  3. Click on ‘account profile’ by going into SBCGlobal email settings where you will find an option named ‘email account’. You will have to click on it.
  4. You can now see all the account information on the screen. Under the user information tab, you will see the status to be ‘active’.
  5. Click ‘delete account’ option, which is situated right next to ‘member ID’.
  6. Now, you will see the confirmation dialogue box, where you will have to click ‘OK’.
  7. When you check the status after that, you will find that is has changed from ‘active’ to ‘disabled’.
  8. The process of deleting SBCGlobal net mail account is quite simple. Once you see the account status as ‘disabled’, then it means that you are no longer active on the platform. But, you need to make sure that you make arrangements to forward all your emails to new email ID.

delete sbcglobal mail

By following these steps, it will be possible to delete the SBCGlobal account, but if you are not able to do so, then you can get in touch with SBCGlobal tech support. There are many technical support providers that offer support for top webmail services, so you need to contact one such company and let them delete the account for you.