I am asking this question here because there are some hotels, which have protected their network from being exploited by the spammers, so it may sometimes restrict you to send SBC mail from your device.

Today, in this blog post I will let you the reasons for not being able to send emails from the hotel room. Read the blog post carefully.

You may know that when you send a mail from your computer after SBCglobal net login, then the email is transferred to your mail server first and finally, it reaches the port for communication. Port 25 is the default port for simple mail transfer protocol. This port acts as a medium for transferring the emails within the servers and to the external computers globally.

Hotels and port 25

A few hotels, which provide internet connectivity first intercept your mails you sent through SBC yahoo login and then forward them to the servers for email program requests.

We all know that your email function is configured per the SMTP server of your network service provider, but the hotel network sends your mail through their own email server to avoid the interference from spammers.

Here, I want to mention that SBCglobal net Email settings have nothing to do here with, every will be done by the hotel server itself and they will control the amount of email you send daily by imposing a cover on it.

Reasons for interception

sbcglobal net email

The very first thing that will come into your mind is why the hotel is intercepting my data and restrict a number of emails I can send. The reason being, all your emails, which you send from hotel might get tracked by someone, which can even further blacklist the hotel connection. You might be wondering how it is possible, but this is true. If your computer is with spam zombie and you are sending a mail from hotel IP address, then your hotel address may get blacklisted through some Anti-spam technology.

Techniques adopted to overcome this problem

There are some techniques, which you can follow to overcome this problem. Some of them are mentioned here as under :

  1. Use of webmail: If your ISP has its own web interface, then it is well and good. You can easily send your important mails through this interface rather than bringing another thing to mind.
  2. Use of alternate port: If you are having a facility to configure your mail server on any other port instead of 25, then use the alternate port. The ports generally provided by SMTP over SSL are 587 and 465. As these ports are protected by SSL connection so the possibility of being intercepted by the other is rare. These settings will work everywhere, whether you are at home or in the workplace and there is no need to change the settings again and again at different locations.
  3. Use VPN service: Use VPN network, which not only protects your mail delivery but also bypass the redirections.