There is no doubt upon the fact that emails have become an integral part of everybody’s life. Many people use emails to get in touch with their loved ones and business associates whenever they want, wherever they want. Back in time, when emails were not there, people used to call their friends, family members and business associates to communicate things. Making calls were quite expensive, and sometimes, the communication was not smooth was well. But, emails have provided people with a free, efficient and reliable method to communicate with their known ones. Now, as we all know that there are dozens of email service providers in the world, and they all have millions of subscribers. But, all these email service providers have set a certain limit on the size of files that can be attached within emails. Let me tell you what top companies are offering you. If you are using Gmail, then you are going to get 25 MB. So, you can attach files up to 25 MB in size. And, if you are using Comcast email service, then you get 10.9 MB space, which is even lesser than Gmail. Documents can be easily attached since they are not that large, but if you are looking to add 50 or so images or a video, then you may come across a message on your computer screen like this, “There is an error attaching the file because they are large in size”.

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Having a limited space is definitely a drawback, but we are not just going to whine about this issue, but we will try to find out the solution for this problem. If you are using Gmail, then you must have checked out Google Drive, which is another service by Google. Larger files are always transferred via Google Drive. But, you want to see the files in the mail because you don’t know whether the receiver will get to know if he/she has received any file in the Google Drive or not. So, the problem is not fully resolved by introducing Google Drive. Moreover, uploading and downloading speed also get slow, which is another big problem.

You can resolve the issue by lowering the size of the files that you are looking to send, but it will also ruin the quality. So, if you can compromise with the quality, then this can be a solution.

Here are some tips that you can follow to send files in mails :

  1. You have to check the size of each and every file before attaching them in the mail. This will help you avoid any issue later on.
  2. You must lower the size if you are looking to send large number of files. You can easily resize images and also change the size of the videos. But, the quality will be affected, so there is some compromise to make.
  3. You have to make use of the cloud services that are offered by various email service providers. You can attach large sized images there. Gmail has Google Drive, which is used to store and send files.

These are some methods that you can consider in order to send files in a successful manner. If you find any problem, then you can take the help of email help and support providers.

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