Many people are using Yahoo email account for don’t know how long. They are very satisfied with the working of Yahoo email service, but there seem to be some issues when Yahoo got associated with AT&T wireless. After that association, people found that they user-experience has gotten somewhat intertwined with AT&T. This can’t be considered as good news because the problems that occur in AT&T are transferred to Yahoo mail as well, thus frustrating the users. People have Yahoo mail, which also has an logo along with a bar right at the top of the screen where all AT&T links are given. If we talk about My Yahoo account info page, then it also has the similar kindle of AT&T logo along with a set of AT&T account information in which SBCGlobal net email ID is present.

It has been found that My Yahoo page, which used to have only Yahoo related features has changed dramatically. The page has changed to AT& email login My Yahoo page along with My ATT widget placed right on top of it.

People don’t know how this change has occurred and what to do in order to get the original ‘My Yahoo’ page back. The integration between Yahoo and AT&T has not impressed people. People also think that the information present in My Yahoo account is being transferred to AT&T. Though it is not sure whether this is done, but there could be a possibility of it. To know more, better log onto www SBCGlobal net website.

What people want it only Yahoo and not any joint venture. So, they want to know what needs to be done in order to fix this annoying issue.

Solution for this issue :

sbc global

Many experts have listened to the complaints that people have registered on different forums regarding the association of Yahoo with AT&T. Here are the steps that you can do to fix the problem without changing SBCGlobal email settings.

  1. You have to log into ‘My ATT’ and enter your member ID along with password.
  2. You are going to find ‘profile’ option, which is placed in the top navigation bar right under ‘my ATT’.
  3. Now, you have to select ‘Account profile’, which is present right under AT&T email accounts.
  4. You will now have to choose ‘delete account’ option, which is present in the ‘user information’ tab, which is present on the right side of the ‘Member ID’ option.
  5. When you see ‘delete email’ confirmation dialog box, you need to select ‘OK’.
  6. Now, you can use your Yahoo mail. You just have to sign into your email using your ID and username. Once done, you have to select ‘unmerge’ option, which is present in the bottom right corner of the Yahoo page.

If the problem persists even after doing it, then you need to take help of the experts who know each and everything about SBCGlobal net mail services and problems that occur in them. You will be able to find a solution for the issue after taking their help.