Many people configure their webmail accounts with MS Outlook. The reason for doing this is simple, MS Outlook is easier to use and its offline features are also quite amazing. But, people who are using Windows 7 are finding difficulties in using Email login that is configured with MS outlook 2010.

Before we go any further into the details of this issue, let us mention the settings that all those people have done. It is important to figure out the settings because there is a huge chance that the problem lies in the settings itself.

For POP server, they are using For SMTP server, they are using Incoming server is at the value of 995, whereas outgoing server is at 465. They also tried to test the settings, but nothing happened. Some people also told that POP3 settings worked perfectly on their other computer, which are running on Windows 7, though the version of MS Office is different, i.e. MS Office 2007. They have also tried deleting the email account and opening a new account, and keeping all the information exactly as the company has recommended, but nothing happened.

sbcglobal net email settings

People at times are not able to find out as to what causes such issues in the first place. Everything will be fine for a certain period of time, and then, suddenly issues like the one we are discussing will arrive. Many people after spending a significant amount of time have been able to figure out the solution. According to them, it will be important to change the incoming POP server in the account settings to ‘’. The outgoing server will also be changed to ‘’. Once this is done, they have to click on ‘More settings’ button followed by ‘outgoing server’ tab.

Then, they have to select the option named ‘my outgoing server requires authentication’. They will now have to enter their SBCGlobal net email and password in ‘log on using’ option. They have to click on ‘advanced’ tab now and select ‘this server needs and encrypted connection (SSL), incoming port number 995 and outgoing port number 25. After adding these values, they have to select ‘OK’. They may mind that MS Outlook and SBCGlobal net mail servers are not communicating, but they are.

This is the most appropriate solution that they can follow. It is not be noted that the Microsoft is not an ideal platform, and there have been a number of problems that are found in the platform. But, if people can take the help of right people, then they can get the right solution to the problem. What has been observed from all the discussion above is that the problem is in the SBCGlobal email settings, so if the right values can be put there, then things can be brought back to normal.

If the problem remains persistent, then people would have no other option but to either log onto www SBCGlobal net and search for the information there or get in touch with email help and support providers.