The problem is categorically coming in those PCs where people have installed Windows 10 Universal Email and Calendar Application. Many people are facing problems after installing this app, but the sad part is that they can’t remove this app because it has a lot of benefits. This app has been launched by a leading software company to offer some convenience to the email users, but all that convenience turned into a big worry when they installed the application and tried to log into their MS Outlook account because they weren’t able to.

Whenever they opened the application or their MS Outlook email account, they were welcomed by a strange message that says something like this, “Your account settings have been outdated”. Alongside this message, there were a couple of options, i.e., dismiss and fix. So, most people clicked ‘fix’ option thinking it would resolve the issue, but it didn’t. All they saw is a black window on their computer screen for 2-3 seconds followed by that same annoying message.

It won’t be wrong to mention that those who are facing this problem have tried everything to get rid of it, but the problem remains persistent. The problem is not that big, but the way it is sticking to the app is what annoys the people. Which is why, we are here to discuss the troubleshooting process of this problem. Before starting with the same, it is important for everybody to know that the process should be followed with care. It is a wise idea to take backup of data before starting with the process.

Begin with finding the location where that app has stored the data because that’s where the problem lies. A folder named ‘localappdata/comms/’ needs to be deleted to get rid of the problem. But, do take the backup of all the data. It is very important to have backups because what if anything goes wrong? If you have the backup, then it is easy for you to restore everything.

sbcglobal net email settings

Below-mentioned are the steps to get rid of the problem  :

Administrator Windows Power-shell

  1. Launch Admin Power-shell prompt from the start menu followed by right clicking on it.
  2. When you right click on it, you have to select the option of ‘run as admin’.
  3. It’s time to uninstall email and calendar app, which you can do by entering the following command

Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object -Property Name -eq ‘microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps’ | Remove-AppxPackage

  1. Restart your computer to allow new settings to work.
  2. You have to delete the folder that is named something like this ‘appdata/comms/’. You will have to enter a command for that, which is as below:

Remove-Item -Path “$Home\AppData\Local\Comms\” -Recurse –Force.

  1. Install the application now. If you don’t have the setup, then get it from Windows app store.

Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, you will configure mail accounts. You will not find that message again, which means, the process has worked. If there is any problem or if you see the message again, then you must get in touch with an email help and support provider because only they can resolve the issue. You can get many email help and support providers on the internet these days.

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