Accessing SBC Mail on the internet is a very easy task. You only have to require a username and password to login to the account. After entering the valid details, you will be able to login to the account and start accessing it. For your information, we want to shed some light on the association of SBC Global Company with other telecommunication and social networking company. The SBCGlobal mail is now a part of email login and both can be accessed through SBC Yahoo link. If you type SBC in the search bar, you will find SBC Yahoo login page on the front screen. When you enter the login details on this page, the same SBC Global page will be opened on the screen. You will find all the messages in your inbox which are received earlier.

Coming to the association part, SBC Global, Yahoo, and AT&T. All these companies are recently merged into a group. AT&T is a telecommunication company and SBC was earlier famous by Southwestern Bell Company. All the customers who had subscribed to the SBC services use the mail by the name of SBCGlobal net email only. In 2005, a partnership agreement was signed between both the companies. After which the email account has got its new name i: e SBC or SBCGlobal net mail. After a short while in 2008, Yahoo also merged into this group and the single platform was built by the name of SBC Yahoo login. Nowadays, if you want to open your mail account, then you can go to Yahoo login link and start accessing SBC inbox. There is no need to go to www SBCGlobal net link.

sbcglobal net email

How to open the SBC mail from internet?

The steps to access SBC inbox are discussed here as under. You must read them carefully.

  • Go to SBCGlobal Net Login page and click on login link.
  • Enter the login details in the different space provided. You need to enter the full email address along with the password. If you have forgotten the password, then go to password reset link and enter the personal details to confirm your identity.
  • Click on ‘Login’.

Information required to log in to the account

The most important information which is required to log in to the account is your username and the password. If you have forgotten it, then you need to reset the account by clicking on ‘Reset password’ link. Here you will find the secondary address. Click on it and verify your details. A reset link will be sent to the secondary account. You can change the password later on by getting into SBCGlobal Email Settings.

What can you do after login to the account?

Once successfully logged in, you can change the theme and account settings of your account by clicking on SBCGlobal net email settings. You will find this option on the top right-hand side of the login page. If you want to read or send the messages to your friend, then you can do so after login. Moreover, if you want to delete old messages from your account inbox, then select the messages and click on ‘Delete forever’ option given above messages.

For further support and assistance, you can call us at our toll-free number given on the home page.