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How To Find Fake Mails In Your SBCglobal Account And Eliminate Them?

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Today, we are going to shed light on Fake emails which may get received in your SBCglobal account and can compromise the data available in it. If you are using any email account or particularly SBCglobal email, then it is must read the post for you. If you find any fake mail available in the account, then take corrective action immediately. You can either delete that mail or take some alternative steps to eliminate it. Let’s find out what you can do with these emails and how you can prevent them from receiving in future.

In case, you have discovered that the mail you are seeing on the screen is not from the official website or team or it is a fake mail sent to you by somebody else, then take the action immediately and don’t download any attachment available inside the inbox. Such emails can infect your computer with the malicious viruses or infections.

The following are the symptoms of fake mail if received in your account:

  • Personal information from your side requested.
  • Irrelevant bill claims and accounts not verified option displaying in the message.
  • A high balance needs to be claimed.
  • No account number attached with the bill or AT&T mail received.
  • The link or URL received is not secured or from the correct source.
  • Legitimate bills with the unrealistic amount. Fraudulent attachment attached in the Zip format.

In case you notice any of these above-mentioned symptoms on your mail, take the action immediately or go through the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Check mail carefully before opening any new link or attachment.
  2. Report the same issue to the email account support officials. They will look into the matter.
  3. Delete emails from every location whether it is inbox or spam folder.
  4. Check inbox again if the mail has been removed from your side or not.

Some examples of fake emails

We are now going to share some examples of fake emails with you. If you have received the same message in the folder, then it means you are at risk or your account has been compromised.

You will find webmail upgrade message that the mail is under upgradation, so emails are pending.

Account verification: Account not working properly due to non-verified account.

Account sign-in: Any new or old payments due for your SBCglobal email account and you won’t be able to sign-in to the account.

Payment details: Please confirm the payment details and cycle to proceed to the next page while downloading any file or attachment.

Note: The fake emails or message received can be in any form. Form here refers to text, phone calls, message or email and many more. So, you need to be aware of these things. If someone is asking for your account password over the phone, then don’t disclose it. Don’t even provide the personal details over the phone call.

How can you protect your account on phone and computer?

Though the fake emails are part of normal mails but nevertheless to say that SBCglobal itself is making its best efforts to protect the users from such emails. They have even started sharing the data in the encrypted form and blocked script and websites which they believe are malicious or infected. Apart from this, you can protect your account and personal information from being compromised on the computer by just installing any Antivirus program in it. You can use the same program on your phone to protect your mail. The main tools included in the Antivirus program includes Firewall, Anti-malware, Anti-virus and Anti Spyware.

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