How to fix Att email login errors on iPhone?

ATT Email Login

When it comes to logins, even though you are a seasoned user, there are still some times when you may have to face issues with your login. If you could not log in to your Att email account, this guide is for you. Encountering such an issue is sometimes a problem for iPhone users. The reasons could either be technical glitches, server-side or client-side errors. However, you can fix these errors in no time, even without having any technical knowledge.

Possible reasons for Errors and their Solutions-

 An Incompatible Browser– Sometimes, even the browser can cause  login errors when they can’t access or display content.

  • To tackle this issue, try using a different internet browser to log in to your Att account.

Incorrect Login Details– Incorrect usernames or passwords can cause these issues.

  • A good solution that you can try is to reset your password details or recover your old login details. Check out the further section of this guide to reset the password of your email account.

Third-party Softwares- Antiviruses could also result in these problems.

  • In order to fix this issue, you can attempt to uninstall third-party software.

Missing Adobe Flash Player- A flash player is responsible for displaying the content on a computer. So if it is missing, then you may not be able to log in to your account.

  • As a solution to the above issue, you should install Adobe Flash player to fix it.

Bad Internet Connection- Sometimes, errors from the server’s side can occur due to a bad internet connection. Consequently, these errors can result in login errors.

  • For fixing this issue, you can either try to reconnect to the network again or try a different network.

Configuration errors- 

If your Att email account isn’t configured correctly, then you will face login issues.

  • To eliminate these kinds of recurring problems, it would be better if you reconfigure your email account on your iPhone.


  • Do it with the correct POP3 and IMAP settings. Keep reading on to know the proper way of doing the settings below.


Follow these instructions to do IMAP settings on your iPhone. 

  • Incoming server –
  • Incoming Server Port number – 993
  • SSL (Incoming Server Security) – SSL
  • Outgoing Server –
  • Outgoing Server Port number – 465
  • Authentication Required – Yes

Follow these instructions to reset the password of your email account- 


  • First, go to your account login portal.
  • Below the input field, you will see the forgot password link. You Click on it.
  • After you have clicked on the link, the password reset page will open.
  • On the password reset page, you will get two options to change the password.
  • The first option would be to answer the security question. You will have to answer all the given questions correctly to reset the password.
  • The second option will be to get the password reset link on your registered mobile number or your valid alternative email.
  • After choosing the option, lastly, you would have to set a new password for your email account. The new password must be strong for account security.
  • With this, you will be able to reset your password.

In case the issue still lingers then, it’s always better to get expert help. You can get in touch with Att Email Login customer service to find the relevant solutions to your issue.








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