SBCGlobal webmail is among the most popular webmail services that are currently being used in the world. Using this webmail service gives you an access to compose, read and delete your emails anywhere. You don’t have to rush to your home or office in order to access your emails on your home or office PC.

SBCGlobal provides you with an opportunity to do it anywhere, anytime. You can even configure your SBCGlobal webmail on your iPhone and iPad. Besides all these great things, there are a few issues that have really dented the claims of this webmail service to be impeccable and efficient. We are going to discuss those issues in this blog post today.

Unable to send and receive mail

If you are not able to send or receive emails on SBCGlobal email login, then there is no use of accessing this webmail. The main purpose of a webmail is to allow the users to send emails and receive them as well. So, if this purpose is not getting fulfilled, then what’s the use of having a webmail? Many people are getting this issue and they have talked to ATT support for the same as well. The company assured them by saying that they have cleaned up some of their servers, which were among the old SBC servers. People who were not able to send and receive emails on their SBCGlobal account were getting two errors. These are;

  1. The connection to the server has failed. After that the account address of the person is mentioned along with the server name, protocol, port and security method.
  2. The next error is ‘the connection to the server has failed’. In this error as well, the account address of the person, the protocol, port, security, socket error and socket number is mentioned. Both the errors are complicated and it may take a lot of time to fix these errors.

Solution :

First, you need to check the settings in your SBCGlobal email settings option. If all the above-mentioned parameters are filled with proper values and terms, then there has to be something in the SBCGlobal mail server that is preventing SBCGlobal mail from connecting to the email servers. You need to check which 3rd party security software is installed on your system in order to understand the situation in a better way. The root cause of problem could be your antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware or firewall. So, get these issues fixed in order to send and receive emails. webmail accounts not working

Some people have mentioned that www SBCGlobal net and login perfectly under, plus it is easy to access web-based email without any issue. But, they are facing issues when they are trying to access these domains using webmail 1.4.3, Yahoo 1.5.3 extension, especially when they are using it with Thunderbird.

Some people have the connection made between the extensions and TB6, which they have setup in the right manner, yet they are not able to send email or retrieve old mails from their web-based accounts. They are getting the message that the login is invalid to the SMTP server, which is completely out of their mind before they have been trying to login using the same username and password by which they have successfully logged in before.

Solution :

Those who are facing this issue need to check if they have the POP server in their ATT Yahoo accounts or not. If they have, then they don’t need any extension to access SBCGlobal net email login. The server settings can be obtained from ATT website.

So, these are the two most common issues that people have faced while trying to access SBCGlobal webmail. Apart from these, SBCGlobal is a flawless service that has lived up to its expectations in all these years.