Many people are getting blank emails on their SBCGlobal, Yahoo and AT&T email accounts. They think that senders are sending blank emails, but that’s not the case. Let us find out what the issue is and how to get rid of it.

Did your contacts receive blank emails from you? Is that happening quite often recently? If yes, then you need to ask those users whether they are using SBCGlobal net email or email or email login addresses. If they are, then the problem could actually be in the email platform, as there was an issue with the classic web email interface of Yahoo platform.

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What’s the bug with Yahoo platform?

Basically, the issue arises when people use SBC Global, Yahoo or AT&T email addresses, which are still set to the classic layout view that Yahoo used to have in the past. Though the percentage of users using this layout is very less, yet those can’t be ignored. The problem doesn’t occur continuously, but sporadically. It is not you who sent blank emails, but the webmail client that works in the classic layout has added a CSS property, i.e., ‘visibility: hidden’ around the whole of the email. With this CSS property, the entire message has become invisible.

When people used to have that classic view, then all their messages remained hidden until all the images in the emails are loaded properly. It is only then, the messages will be displayed properly. The main purpose of doing all this was to make the message loading process a lot smoother. You can check SBCGlobal email settings, but nothing’s wrong in there.

But, when there is a broken image tag in the email or an image in the email is not loading properly for any reason, then there is definitely some issue with the CSS attribute. It is possible that the CSS attribute may not have been removed thus resulting in the entire message to stay hidden or display as blank. Going to www SBCGlobal net link and changing things on that page is not going work.

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The Solution For This Problem :

If you come across any users who are using SBCGlobal, Yahoo and AT&T email and receiving blank emails, then here is what they can do to fix the issue:

  1. The first thing that they will have to do is check their messages to ensure that there are no broken image links or tags within their HTML codes.
  2. You can also ask your users to click ‘printable view’, which will allow them to see the entire message.
  3. They can also switch from that obsolete ‘mail classic’ layout to a new layout. With this, you can get rid of the problem once and for all. They can click ‘try new mail’ option to do this.

It is to be noted that this issue is something that can’t be controlled by the sender. This issue is in the layout that SBCGlobal net mail users are using, so they will have to change this layout in order to get rid of the problem. Though there are a few people who are using this old interface, but they should also switch to the new layout because that is smoother and better compared to the old layout. As a responsible businessman, you can send an email to such users explaining the cause of this problem and how they can eliminate it permanently. You should let them know that there is no need to change SBCGlobal net email settings because that is not going to do any good because settings are absolutely fine.


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