If you are looking out to set up a new SBC Global Email, then check out the simple steps to set up your new email account in a proper way.

In the list of advanced email services, SBCGlobal is one of the big names in the email services market. Those who are not aware of SBC should know that SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Company. The company is a crucial part of the AT&T, which is one of the world’s largest telecommunication company. Whenever you try to search out the SBC on your web browser, you will be directed to Yahoo.com email. In this case, if you are using the SBCGlobal email service, then you are also able to access the bunch of other Yahoo services like Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Chat.

The SBCGlobal email comes into existence with the merger of AT&T and Yahoo. So, if you are willing to access the SBCGlobal, then you can go to the www SBCGlobal Net to get the bunch of more information. In the list of all the important things about the SBC Global Yahoo account is that it is not free. For using the SBC Yahoo Service, you will have to create an account on the SBCGlobal Email.

sbcglobal net login

Overall, as one of the top companies in the world, AT&T has got a diverse portfolio of the technology offerings, including the landline telephone service and 4G cell phone networks. In the offerings of AT&T email hosting, the yahoo.com domain addresses are included along with the sbcglobal.net and other domains. For setting up and modifying the email account, there is a various number of online tools that you can use- just remember that the sbcglobal.net tools are fully different from the yahoo.com tools.

Establishing the email account

Head on to contact the telephone service provider and then sign up for a dial-up or DSL account. Now, you will have to provide the correct email address and password that you would like. AT&T advise to move to their Webmail, but they still provide the support for the sbcglobal.net address.

 Using the Client Mail Program

In the case, if you are trying out to set up your client email programs, such as Mac Mail or Outlook, just head on to unlock the email program’s Preferences or the Settings window, and then just head to enter the account information that you have made in the previous section. Don’t forget to check that email address has got your name.

Mail Servers

sbcglobal email settings

Head on to enter the POP3 (incoming), and SMTP (outgoing) server names in the Preferences or Settings window of the mail program on the computer. Acceding to the recommendation of AT&T, you should use the inboundatt.net as the incoming server and the outboundatt.net as the outgoing server. Well, some of the users have also reported for having problems with those servers, so you may be willing to use the legacy servers at imapmail.yahoo.com for the incoming email and SMTP email yahoo.com for the outgoing.

Customizing the account profile

With the sbcglobal.net account, you can change the password for the main email account, or just head to add up to 10 additional sub-accounts. Every sub-account is a different email address which carries its password. For accessing your account, just head to visit the AT&T Account Management Web page and then go to choose “Profile.”

Still, if you get any tech barrier while setting up your SBCGlobal Mail account, then just go to the team of professionals to get the better support and guidance.


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