SBC Global, is the best mail service which has been used by most of the internet users in U.S. They used to send and receive their official mails on SBC mail. However, there are some iPhone users, who have reported the problem in their SBCGlobal email setup. They find a problem in sending and receiving the messages.

Today, we are going to discuss the steps to get rid of Email setup issues on your apple device. If you are facing this email login setup issue, then read the steps carefully and implement accordingly.

sbcglobal email settings

The steps to troubleshoot the problem are discussed below :

1st step : Make sure that the mobile is connected to the email server. Go to mobile mail and click on secure server link. Log into the account by entering the SBCGlobal net email login and password. If you find a problem in signing onto the account, then enter the login details again and check the account setup properly. If you find that there is a problem in your account, then contact an administrator or check the SBCGlobal Email settings from www SBCGlobal net link.

2nd step : Double check the settings of your SBC account

The keyboard of Apple devices is too complex and you can’t type it easily. If you mistype any word or character, then you may find a problem with the email setup. So, it is important to double check the settings carefully and then click on login button from SBCGlobal net mail.

If you are unsure of the email settings of your iPhone and iPad, then go to the official webpage and read the guide from there.

3rd step : Reset the password

sbcglobal mail


If you find that even after entering the correct password, you are facing a problem with the SBC Yahoo login, then reset the password by clicking on ‘Reset password’ link. After changing the password, try login to the account now.

4th step : Try changing the SMTP ports :

The SMTP ports on the iPhone and iPad are pre-defined for email settings. If you want to change the port number, then you can do so. By default, the port number sanctioned for SSL security type is 465. If you are facing problem in sending the messages from your account but receiving the messages properly, then check the port number and change them according to the situation. Go to SBCGlobal net email settings to check the port number.

Your ISP may block some of the SMTP ports due to security reasons. In such events, you need to configure the settings manually.

Steps to change the port number of your SBCGlobal net login from your iPhone are given below:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ followed by Mail, contacts, and calendars.
  • Select the SBC account to change the settings.
  • Select SMTP servers and type of security used for authentication. Click on SSL and check the port number to 465.
  • Close the app and settings and try login to the account now with same username and password.

5th step : Contact customer support

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if you have not got the success, then don’t hesitate to get support from our customer care executives by calling at given toll-free number. If you are having any query related to SBC mail, then you can ask from our team member.


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